Refund Policy

Return and refund policy for Pimville Drinks Co

What can be returned?
You can return any damaged or broken units of Pimville Drinks Co, be it 1 bottle or a case of 12. Proof by means of photographs will need to be issues before any refunds will be made. We use reliable courriers, but sometimes breakages may occur.

When do items need to be returned?
Please notify us of damages as soon as possible after receiving the broken or damaged products.

Where do items need to be returned?
Please email us at:

How do customers return items?
You can return any damaged products to: Cape Wine Company, Laborie Estate, Taillefert street, Paarl – a full refund will be made if proof of damaged goods on delievry can be verified.

Shipping for returns?
Pimville Drinks Co. will pay for any shipping to return these products.

Credit for returns?
Bank details will need to be supplied in order for Pimville Drinks Co. to refund any clients.

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